non serviam: musings of love, language, living, and rebellion

prodigal son of the Divine Feminine

cisgender, heterosexual, black male, recovering-relapsing-recovering son of patriarchy, gender and sexual diversity ally, and a heavily-leaning anarcha-feminist, and…

having said all that still doesn’t give me [to] you. There is still this hot mess whose fleeting responses to intimacy come at the cost of authentic relationships causing much more heartache in attempting to protect myself from injury than that of actually putting myself out there, and then…

the texture beneath this surface: doubts, whimsical charms, arrogance, vulnerability, a tendency to wear my emotions on my sleeve, nonconforming, defiant, so…

every now and again, I have to remind myself that I am human–fallible and flawed to perfection. However, I gather what is meant by “friend” is someone who already knows that much about me.


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